Friday, June 09, 2006

The mice and the pied piper.

I'm so disgusted with the religious right attacking gays. Knowing how it feels to be a marginalized group within society, you'd think religious people would be a little more empathetic in their conclusions.

But, the fact is the religious leaders need not worry about whether or not the ban will one day come to pass. Just us talking about it means their goals have been accomplished. Like Jason said, it's a goose chase. And they got you us looking in the wrong direction, and because it's so emotional, you'll never not talk about it. In fact, I bet they actually don't want any amendment to pass; they gain too much power from the fear of gays.

The fear they generate from homosexuals is unbelievable to me. To think that such a small percentage of people could actually do anything so drastic as to what they say is unbelievable to me. Committed men in a stable relationship are going to "attack" society? Not terrorists, not unchecked white collar crime, not unbelievable domestic espionage, not the retaliation from the rest of the world for having secret prisons in foreign countries, or holding human beings in prisons for an unknown length of time (god knows what those human beings are going through) not having secured borders, not the culture of producing to waste with millions of tons of pure garbage needing to be buried every day, not the question of being the 7th most polluted state in the union, not having an entire lake in Provo being polluted by one steel company for hundreds of years, not knowing what to do with all the nuclear waste, not understanding the capacities of our own selves to thirst for power. (These threats are just what comes to mind after thinking about it for 10 seconds, but when have you heard about this stuff over the pulpit from leaders whose job it is to know and act according to this knowledge?) NO, the one thing that is going to ruin our society is two men promising to love and strengthen each other for the rest of their lives. THAT is what is going to 'ruin' us!!! You idiots, gays are already boinking each other! You think their boinking power is going to be so destructive because they'll have property rights, or because they'll be able to adopt a kid or two?! More kids will die from drowning in their parents pool, because they didn't secure it, then there will be adopted kids by two committed individuals. You can't catch gay. Of those adopted kids, not all of them will 'turn' gay. So, where is the real danger that must be there since we're all talking about it to the point of having our government intrude into our lives telling us who and who not we can commit ourselves to.

Have the religious right thought about the precedent they are making? They're using the government to promote their utopia. Now, what will happen in 180 years when the religious culture has changed? In 180 years maybe they'll all be "Christians", but it will mean something totally different. Maybe the New Age culture will spread from California to the rest of the country, and the democratic majority will see 'traditional' marriage as archaic and backwards. They'll say that their god told them that traditional marriage is limiting society, and free love and open relationships is what 'Christ' really wants us to have. Since the government banned Same Sex Marriage in 2008, why couldn't it ban all marriages? And so the majority vote on an amendment, it's passed, and there are no more 'traditional' marriages.

You fuckin' morons. You are all being used. You are all being controlled by pure fear. The truth is you don't want to be the ostracized group that reaps God's wrath, and so you attack those that are. Your wrath has no bounds, your contempt is merciless, and it's your own weakness that tears at your heart. Make no mistake, when gays are in political power, the religious right will just switch to the next powerless group, and the rabble-rousers' anger, with the accompanying bruises and emotional deaths caused from the judgments and conclusions of their thrown stones, will become a form of worship.


Blogger Jason King said...

"In fact, I bet they actually don't want any amendment to pass; they gain too much power from the fear of gays."

That's right on the money. If they didn't have the gays to go after, then where would they be?

Mormons are so interesting. They have a sex fetish and a mormon fetish. They rarely, if ever, talk about anything beyond the mormon gospel. Their whole contextual reality is about Mormonism, which is really unfortunate. I mean, what about Fung shui :-)

"You are all being controlled by pure fear"

Sounds to me like they need another 'spiritual crocodile' story. You know, the one where they tear the poor bastard limb from limb. First crocodiles, then the gays. They're going to eat us alive.

Or maybe they'll just make another queer eye for the straight guy episode. I'm still debating which might be worse.

10:52 PM  
Blogger Jason King said...

"Or will you censor every single one of them like Jason S.?"

You're creepy, S.O. You're not just creepy, you're a stalker.

Why did you take over my blog? Why is almost every single one of your posts on my old domain name about me and what I've wrote? Don't you find that creepy?

Would you be worried if you had some freak write page after page on only the things you wrote, nothing original, nothing to add, just page after page of what you wrote and how they disagree?

See a doctor. Get some help.

2:32 AM  
Blogger robot said...

"So, Robot, will you have the testicular fortitude to post my comments?"

B.O., why are you so interested in my testicles? You know, I don't know about Jason, but I love creepy guys like you.

You just really want to hold my testicles, don't you? Does it turn you on? They are so big, heavy, and manly. Is that what you like about it? Is that why you can't stop coming to this site over and over. I bet you just want to hold them, so you can feel what it's like to have a real pair, don't you. Oh, you are soo creepy. I love it.

You and the nagarrator can get together and talk about what it must be like to have testicular fortitude. You can do statistical analysis, and the narrator can logically point out how such a nice pair is the same truth as Joseph Smith's gospel. You can then both bear testimony to each other about how you know beyond a shadow of doubt that testicular fortitude was inspired by God, to help you RAISE UP THE KINGDOM! You two would be the perfect match for each other. You love birds, you.

I love you, B.O. Don't ever forget that. What I say in jest is really out of a deep love that I have for you and those like you.

9:05 AM  
Blogger robot said...

"As anyone with any brains is sure to realize"

Anyone with brains? You are lecturing people about using brains?

You come onto this site telling us how to run our own goddamned site that we produced, that we took the time to come up with the content, that we personally use to voice our own personal opinion, and you come in here thinking you are so fucking correct that you can tell us what comment we should and should not put on!!! You fuckin asshole. Fuck you! Fuck you and everything you represent, you goddamned worthless piece of shit. I curse you. I fuckin curse you, your family, and everything you represent.

You will never find the respect you are so desperately and stalkingly trying to find. You will never amount to any type of success, and when you lie on your deathbed, you will look back on your wasted, worthless fuckin' life, and you will know that your life meant nothing to any one. And you will wail in your trembling hands.

Now, get the fuck out of here you lowly piece of shit, and let real men take the stage.

6:25 PM  
Blogger robot said...

Loyd, you are dead wrong. I know you can't see it, because you think that you can get back at your dad by attacking me and bringing down the hypocritical, misguided church leadership and political administration, but you are wrong.

I'm not your dad slapping you right now. I'm not causing your nightmares that make you breathe faster and faster. I'm not slapping you across your silly, foul mouth right now, telling you that you are a worthless, powerless, piece of shit. Nope. I'm not the dad you loved that was in a position of church leadership, or supposed loving authority, that's making you cry like a little wet pussy, baby inside. I know you can't see that, but we're all a little messed up, aren't we? Haven't you found out what the world is really about yet? You idiot.

So, you read and read, fight and fight, but the hurt is never gone is it? You are like a broken record: why why why? no no no? wrong wrong wrong! Me me me. The thirst for your ability to take down your beating dad never is fulfilled is it? That's okay. You probably found out a lot about power, how most people can't see what they're doing, and how they'll follow and believe almost anyone that has some semblance of truth, like you.

You are full of shit with a little insight that others have already stated a thousand times a thousand times. You have nothing new. Your life is a barbed wire, which no one will embrace.

Everything you read and write is all the same. You have no peace. no love. nor real knowledge. Just pain. And pain shall be your life, your friend, and your power. Worthless. Empty. Afraid. Alone. Vulnerable.

Proceed on your way to oblivion, shit face.

3:20 PM  
Blogger robot said...

What is it that you want, s.o. What do you want me to say to you? I don't have anything to do with you. You are a weakling - a scared, afraid, bending over grabbing your ankles weakling. And I love that. I'll bend you over and pound you so fuckin' hard with solid truth after god solid truth. You sweet soul, you. The truth is i love your comments. I love when you open your stupid mouth and such stupid statements fall from your silly lips. You angel.

You obviously don't give a shit about truth, because you never ask any questions. You are not a man, because you don't come up with anything yourself - you just follow. You swallow and follow, like a dumb, stupid, chicken. Chickens make nice dinners, and i just happen to love chicken.

"when do we get to find out who locked you in the closet as a child?"

I live in the jungle of the mind. I hunt. I eat. I feel alive. And you, and other idiots like you, are my prey. I'm sorry, some people just like to play nintendo, or stick others in the eye with sticks, but I just love to slap your god across his weak, little bitch face, you little, defenseless weakling.

I'm going to tear down your god, your emotional rameumptom wickedness, and clean this world of those like you, as you watch me in disbelief pecking at me with your stupid, chicken beak. I love you.

5:14 PM  
Blogger robot said...

I recommend you take the day off and watch "Tommy Boy."

Did you just ask me out on a date? You think you are in control, s.o., but you really are fuckin' clueless.

Stop thinking about me. Stop visiting this site. Get your wife to swear at you as she fucks you in between your legs with her dildo that you are going to buy for her, and you'll be happy. Enjoy it. Leave, get on with your life, and never come back.

10:15 PM  

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