Sunday, June 11, 2006

Welcome, to Christ's emotional world.

For me, it's quite difficult to believe one can accurately follow someone else's way of being whom they have never seen themselves, especially someone who lived a million paradigms ago; it is obvious that one is following one's interpretation of that person, rather than christ himself (or what Christ represented). For instance, the new testament movie shows christ as a blond hair, blue eye nordic being (I think the guy that played him was actually from denmark). Just as the aesthetics have been revalued to fit the leaders' likeness, so have Christ's teachings. Today, 'church' (more in Utah than anywhere else) is nothing more than a commercial social network, a social hierarchal position measuring mechanism, and a rameumptom alter.

Ultimately, 'Christ's' followers are nothing more than slaves (being commanded in all things) with tits (effeminized males), who think 'serving your fellow man' means mowing lawns and moving furniture, they experience reality in an hyper-emotionalized, apocalyptic vision where it makes sense to have a 'two year supply' of beans in your basement and leave your home and family to live in a foreign country (you are never actually mentally in the country, the country is just a contextual variable that has no real significance; it and its people are used as a means to further indoctrinate the emotional missionary into the mormon paradigm) for two-years where you cannot read any outside material (newspapers, books, magazines) or talk with your family for more than 20 minutes a year. Crazy. They are slaves with tits who ride an emotional tornado, because they have no understanding of the human's emotional needs. So, their emotional needs are manipulated, misdirected, and are feasted upon by false priests who oppress.

It may be the case that we are using Christ's identity to embrace a psychological, mythic sensibility, which we have had a large part in constructing that actually has nothing to do with Christ but everything to do with our own emotions. But, what is important to me is the modern experience of 'Christ'.

He now represents much more than we realize: individual power over individually irrelevant circumstances, the pacifier of mental shame through simple actions (baptism) and non-action (faith), the ultimate psychological decision stabilizer in inherently risky existence (looking to leaders to know how to act even on one's honeymoon (I'm not kidding), a paradigm where trivial actions become cosmological significances whose inconsequential results equal eternal luxury, an intimate non-existent companion who gives unending direction, counsel, and relief (like using 'GOD' to find your lost car keys), a 'known' celestial illusion to be relieved from overwhelming, unconquerable contexts, the complete annihilation of the self for the other which becomes the means of gaining extramundane validation (using people as a means to secure your 'love' and from God), security, peace, aggrandizement, literal mansions, etc., the chief who deserves every sacrifice of devotion, and the authority who gives social prestige by giving a deindividuational, 'chosen' identity from the 'unchosen', 'wicked' group through the 'opposition to and morally superior' heroic/savior/judging executioner mentality. And much, much more. I will spend a great more time on deconstructing this paradigm.

Awesome emotional power exists behind the experience of Christ. There also exists great evil in this experience. The temptation to personally dictate to others in his name, as opposed to teaching correct principles and allowing people to govern themselves, is almost beyond comprehension. Unfortunately, the cost of using his name in this way is the antithesis of the essence of pure religion: the usurpation of the individual's authenticity.

Christ has also broken through some psychological barriers that no other human being has even ever considered. For instance, he said that the children of God love their enemies. If you see that the enemy is just the contempt for yourself placed onto another, then Christ holds a key to true psychological wholeness.

Ultimately, these followers live in an emotional reality that has no stability, no future, and no joy in the moment and the goodness that this world has to offer. Subconsciouslly, like their personal lives, they are proud of the fact that their state is one of the most polluted in the nation, because it means that their god has to come and 'save' them, which is just a heightened emotional experience.

There is way too much to write on this; but, i will go down the line and show you how they emotionally manipulate our minds and our emotions. They are children lost in their self-created, fear-based delusions. They have a lot to offer the world; in more ways than one.

The truth is Christ has done more for our psyche than we can possibly imagine, and we have done more to 'Christ' than we could possibly accept.


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