Friday, May 12, 2006

Mormonism as a tribe, Part 5: Christ's sacrifice

Christ as the innocent

In tribalism, you always have certain patterns that repeat themselves. For instance, you've probably seen in the movies the tribe at the temple getting ready to sacrifice the virgin to their god.

What's really going on? There are four parts that are usually the same: the innocent and pure (represented as a virgin), killing the innocent on the alter (usually with the letting of blood), the innocent bleeding and dying, and then through the death of the innocent the monster is appeased.

Think about King Kong. There was the tribe that was going to sacrifice the blond lady to Kong (the monster) to appease him so Kong wouldn't kill the tribe.

It is the same thing with Christ: Christ is the pure innocent, he was given to appease the monster (the law of justice some would say), he bleed from every pore, he was killed for it, and then the rest of the tribe was spared from the monster because of his sacrifice.

Similar sacrafice

Isn't that interesting how they are the same? Isn't interesting how preoccupied with the bleeding from every pore we are? Isn't interesting how it follows the same pattern as appeasing Kong? This is a tribal understanding of life. There are certain things in the mind that it does not understand, and so it wants to make sense of it. Somehow, when you kill the innocent person, the mind can then put into context what is happening in life. As the innocent is killed, the monster becomes appeased and does not want to kill you.

How much of this is religion and how much of this is tribalism? I don't think this sacrifice has anything to do with the real christ. I think we put this onto christ, and it makes sense to our tribal instincts, but Christ was fighting tribalism, he wasn't the poster boy for it.


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