Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Where is the line?

My brother was telling me about an experience he had as a missionary the other day. He said that he and his companion went to an investigator's house to get them to wake up for church on time. My brother didn't go into the house, but his comp was determined to wake the family up to get them to come. So after pounding on the door for awhile with no answer, the missionary decided to enter the house and get them up. He went into the investigator's bedroom and shook him awake.

The investigator threw the young missionary out of the house and called the stake president.

Now not too long ago, this story wouldn't have been that big of a deal to me, but now as I consider myself to be an adult and I understand the sanctity of my making my own decisions, I almost laughed out loud when my brother told me this. In fact I think I did laugh out loud.

The next day, a friend who's still going to BYU told me how his home teacher came into his bedroom to get him up and ready for church on Sunday.

Where is the line? Obviously walking into a stranger's house to get them to church isn't over the line for some members (myself included when I was on my mission), but how can this be right? How can Mormons have such disrespect for personal agency that they would go to such lengths to make sure they comply with the code of conduct?


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