Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mormonism as a tribe, Part 7: clothing the women

Women of tribes are clothed from head to toe

Another pattern within tribes is the covering of women. If you look at some other tribal religions, you'll see a pattern where the woman is covered from head to toe.

Nuns are covered head to toe in Catholicism
Mormon women at certain times in the temple are covered head to toe
Islam women are covered head to toe
Certain Buddhist traditions cover the female head to toe
Certain Hundu traditions cover the female head to toe

Why tribal men need to cover women

Woman are the weaker sex. They may be more emotionally able, but generally, their physical abilities are not similar to men. It is not a stretch for a tribal man to see the woman as a weaker part of his life.

It is the same thing as kids playing in the school playground. The tough kids go around picking on the weak, eliminating them from the tribe. They make jokes about the weaker kids, pick on them, and sometimes, beat them. If the bullies are so strong, why do they have to pick on the weaker kids? The reason is because these class of people are considered weak within their particular society. And the tough kids do not want to be reminded of our their own weakness, so they will tear them down until they no longer exist.

This is a tribal understanding of life. You do not want to be reminded of your weakness as a man, so you try to stomp the weakness out so you don't ever have to look at it.

There is a tribal instinct to eliminate the weak

The tribal man does not want to be reminded of his weakness, so he hides it, or he tears it down through doctrine, traditions, or class roles. This can be seen in the tribal dress of women in various religions. The men of the tribe do not want to be reminded of their weakness, and every time they see a woman, they see that weakness in themselves.

The tribal clothing of the woman from head to toe literally hides the weakness from the man. In certain sects within Islam, the women are not allowed to leave the house without being accompanied by a man, the woman don't vote, and they don't receive any education beyond a certain basic level.

Mormons are also traditional in regards to not giving the women authority to to make final decisions within the church or household, Mormons live in a very tribal reality, and so they see woman as a weakness. This is done on an instinctual level, and they will make all kinds of reasons why the woman should be covered and in their place, but the decision to keep them below the man can really only be understood on the tribal level.


Blogger C. said...

Sucks to be

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Blogger Jason King said...


The other side of the coin is that the women are protected. That might seem rather unimportant, but without the protection of males in most cultures and societies, the woman are prone to being used and abused.

I guess that's the plus side of it. But the real plus side is to be in a civilization that advances the role of women to be equal to that of men, then everyone's happy :-)

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