Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mormonism as a tribe, Part 6: the sacrament meeting

Christ as the lamb

What is happening during sacrament meeting? If we look at it in the context of tribalism, I think you'll see a new reality unfold to you.

We place Christ's body on the alter, or the sacrament meeting table. The elders then proceed to bless the body and the blood, and then they kill the body on the alter; they give parts of the body to you to eat, and they give you the cups of blood for you to drink.

When native americans killed the Buffalo, they would drink its blood to gain its power. They would eat its flesh to be strong. Tribes in africa kill goats in ritualistic ceremony's and then they drink its blood and eat its flesh. Every sunday, you are doing the same thing. You kill the body of christ again, you then drink his blood and you eat his flesh. This gives you power and strength.

This is a tribal reality. This makes sense to the animal mind, and that's why you do it every sunday, and you don't think twice about it. You sing songs before you kill him, and then you proceed with the ceremony. In this context, it makes sense the Abraham would kill his son on the alter. It's the same ceremony.


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