Saturday, June 10, 2006

What is evil?

Sex. sex is evil, right? Bullshit.

What is evil?

Telling others that they should only listen to their leaders instead of making their own decisions.

Why is that evil?

When your decisions are taken away from you, you are not in control. You don't grow morally because you don't make your decisions. That is the goal of the whole mormon church: give away your decisions to the leaders. Then they have power. They have the control over your life.

Why is that detrimental to the individual?

Are you a child? Children don't make their own decisions, adults do. Adults have to weigh different variables in their life and choose which decision is the most correct in their particular context. As they start to make their own decisions, they will begin to see whether or not if those decisions are helping or if they are hurting. If they are hurting, then they will change, and hopefully, they will gain knowledge from their experience so they can learn to choose the good from the bad the next time they have to make a decision. As they do this, they will become more apt at making decisions. They grow. They mature. They are an adult.

The goal is to be in control of your own life. If you give away your decisions, you will be dependent on someone else to make your decisions. You will remain as a child. You will not be able to make more and more difficult decisions because you gave your decisions away to someone else. All you will understand is how to obey. That is what you will learn; how to obey with exactness, not how to be an adult and to make your own decisions.

How do you know if you are in control of your life?

Ask yourself when was the last time you made a decision just because you wanted to make it. Not for Jesus, not for your wife, not for your church, not for your bishop, but you did it simply because you wanted to do it. It came from you, and you wanted to do it, and so you did. If you can't remember, or if you can count how many times you've made a decision only on one hand, then you are being controlled. You are not in charge of your life, they are.


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