Saturday, June 10, 2006

What is the good?

Part of the 'good' is to make your own decisions. The 'good' could be described as an individual believing in themselves to act on their own understanding.

Why would that be good?

Each of us is unique. Each individual has developed certain traits and talents that if acted upon, will bless them and everyone around them. As you act and are in control of your own decisions, you will start to see yourself grow and become a unqiue, powerful individual.

How do you participate with the good?

When you start to make your own decisions in life, you will see that you have a natural talent towards a certain aspect of life. As you make tougher and tougher decisions, you will grow in strength and ability. You will start to mature and become powerful in the domain you have chosen to act in. As you do this, you will have a specific way of looking at life, or of creating something unique that will benefit you, but it will also benefit the rest of society.

How could society benefit if I simply start making my own decisions?

Because each of us is unique, we each bring something different to the table of life. When everyone is their own individual, they make the society stronger, they create something that could benefit the rest of the group through their uniqueness. This is very similar to our current economy. People diversify enough that by their own individual talent, they can then offer something better and faster than anyone else, and so you go to them to use their services, which allows you to save time and focus on doing your own thing. In time, that other person will come to you and he will benefit from your own unique gifts.

In the same way that our lives have benefited because people can choose for themselves which profession to follow, if people were allowed to make their own moral decisions, come to their own moral beliefs and conclusions, then society would benefit morally as it does economically. People would come up with moral innovations the same way they come up with economic innovations, and it would benefit those around them.

Is that why taking away decisions from others is evil?

That's right. When you tell other people that they are weak, sinful, and shouldn't trust themselves because of the 'natural man', you are robbing them of their chance to extend in life, their chance to make decisions and progress in their own unique way. If they have to give up all of their decisions to their leaders, they will never develop in their own way, they will simply become copies of the leader.

Ultimately, this will hurt the society. It will make it stagnate like a pool of stagnant water. No new developments will be made, no new insights. This is one of the reasons that when you go to church on Sunday, you hear exactly the same things over and over and over again. Why? Because the leaders do not allow for innovation, so there are no new insights, no new understandings.

How can I start on the path towards the good?

Own your life. Start making decisions because you want to make them. Start to take control of your life and stop living it for Jesus, your parents, your bishop, the prophet, or even God. Ultimately, God wants you to be the best you, not the best copy of your bishop. He knows that inside you is incredible strength, insight, creation and beauty. The leaders will try to stop you by telling you that you are weak, sinful, and disobedient, but you are a creation of a beautiful being, and a beautiful being would not create something ugly and broken like they would have you believe.


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