Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Do you have an addiction?

We are all aware of the common addictions of life, drugs, food, money, sex, etc., but have you ever considered that you may be addicted to certain emotions?

Just like certain drugs, our emotions can create a powerful feeling inside of us, and because that emotion makes us feel so much, we may be addicted to it.

Why do the same things keep happening to me?

In life, there are literally millions of possibilities for us to choose. We could do any number of things everyday. So, if we could choose so many different things in life, why does it seem that the same types of circumstances repeat themselves in our lives? It doesn't matter where you go, it seems that the same things happen to you over and over.

It's possible that you are addicted to the emotions that are created whenever that something happens. Because you are addicted to it, and you want to feel it, you will create it in your life. It's not just God that creates these patterns in your life, it's you! Part of you creates the circumstance that enables the emotions to be created where you can get your emotional high. You're an addict of your own emotions!

Why is this good to know?

When you start to realize that it's not God that creates these 'lessons' of life for you, but you create them because you want to feel them, then you can start to take control of your life. Just like an addiction to drugs will control you and make you do some things you probably never would have, when you are addicted to these emotions, you will do things in life that you probably wouldn't have but you do them because you want to feel those emotions.

So we are creating our problems?

In a very real way, yes. If you stop and look not just at the problem, but what emotions you experienced as you had that problem, you will be one step closer to understanding why you would want those feelings.

For instance, say that no matter where you go, you always seem to find a way to get into a confrontation. You obviously have been wronged by someone, and so you stick up for yourself and make them realize what an ass they are! But this seems to happen over and over to you, even in different towns and cities. So even though the variables keep changing, like the city and the people, the constant remains the same, you get into confrontations with people that have obviously wronged you, you stick up for yourself and then tell them off. Could it be that you are addicted to that emotion? You are emotionally addicted to that confrontation.

How can I tell what emotions I'm addicted to?

When you look at your life, what do you see? What patterns seem to happen to you over and over again, regardless of the place or time? You can compose a mini-science experiment on your life to see what emotions you are addicted to. There are variables, and then there are constants. What is constantly happening to you even when you change the variables, or circumstances, in your life?

Once you have determined what keeps repeating in your life, you can then start to look at what emotions you feel as those things happen to you. Perhaps you really are addicted to suffering, so you create situations where that happens, or perhaps you are addicted to feeling in control, so you create the situations where you get that emotion. As you start to look at what emotions are attached to your repeating pattern, you will then be on the road to being in control of your emotions, instead of them controlling you.

There are all sorts of addictions to our emotions that we should look at. Once we understand that life can be an infinite amount of possibilities, but the same thing keeps happening to us, then we can start to uncover why it is that those things keep reoccurring and whether or not we really want them to keep happening. We co-create our own reality with God. We can influence it and change it, and so it's up to us whether or not we want to really be in control of our emotions, and ultimately, the life that we create.


Blogger robot said...

I don't think cardinal sins and philosophy go together that well. But, yes, I think it is tremendously difficult to ascertain the precise motivation of a particular action, but not impossible.

More importantly, we are incredibly complex creatures, and understanding, or attempting to understand, our intentions beyond the surface level is wise.

Ultimately, I think the only way to know is by looking at the patterns and asking honest questions. In the sea of possibilities, why do I always end up with the same job, with the same type of boss, or with the same type of problem? To understand that the problem is caused from within and not without is a big, important distinction that I think can only help. But, if someone wants to chase their own tail their whole life, they're free to do so.

12:47 AM  
Blogger Jason King said...

"to question the origin of someone's "real" motives"

You're free to live in your world of sin if you want to, but asking questions and trying to get at the heart of the problem is not a 'sin' to me.

"For example, you say here that the reason some people behave a certain way is because they are addicted to certain emotions. Elsewhere you say it's because of a tribal mentality"

Like Robot said, I think we are very complex creatures. Part of us is an animal, which I think would explain a lot of the tribalism, but then there is another part to us, something that is very different from the animal. Some call it a soul, others call it a spirit. Trying to understand why we do the things we do can only help us, even if we are wrong.

When we ask the question, it is possible to find the answer. If we never ask, how can we ever discover what is really going on?

"The discussion gets silly pretty fast."

That's fine for some people. For others, this is exactly what they want to discuss. Why limit them simply because you are uncomfortable with where their conclusions may lead?

"why do I always end up with the same job, with the same type of boss, or with the same type of problem?"

This is such an interesting question. And I think that the reality that we may be addicted to the emotions that arise within us when these events take place explains a lot about us as emotional beings.

I'm just starting to look at this way of thinking, but I can tell you that I do so much because I want to experience certain emotional 'highs'.

9:13 AM  

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